The Peck-Glasgow Difference

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The Peck-Glasgow Insurance Difference

Art Glasgow, Peck-Glasgow Insurance


As I was participating recently in an insurance continuing education class, the instructor asked us…. what makes your agency different than your competition?  The instructor also said, you can’t say we offer better service.  That is because everyone says they offer better service!


So that gets you to thinking!  As a consumer, you have many choices as to where you can buy insurance.  Over the Internet, toll free numbers, banks, direct writers, even some car dealers offer insurance.  So what makes Peck-Glasgow Insurance different than purchasing through these other insurance channels?


1. The first difference is that we engage our customers in an actual conversation about insurance and their individual needs.  This may not sound like a big deal, but we find that most consumers have never had an agent actually talk with them about insurance coverages.  Many say we have never heard of coverages such as personal umbrella liability policies, scheduled personal property, and had exclusions such as earthquake, sinkhole, water and sewer back up or flood actually explained to them.  Many consumers come to our agency with low liability limits, because that is what their prior agent quoted the lowest possible cost in order to obtain the business. When you purchase an insurance policy from Peck-Glasgow Insurance, you know what you are getting. 


2. Another different is Peck-Glasgow Insurance’s commitment to professional education and development.  Many insurance agents have passed the 40 hour license course and their license test.  They may also take the required continuing education to retain their license.  At Peck-Glasgow Insurance, we not only take the required continuing education classes, we pursue educational designations.  We take classes that help us to be not only better at the insurance craft, but classes to help us communicate better with our clients.  We have specialized training on the products that help us to understand their purpose and match them up with your individual needs.  Another educational difference is….each associate of Peck-Glasgow Insurance is a professional licensed insurance agent.  Even those in accounting and processing.  We have found that you perform better when you have an understanding of your trade!


3. At Peck-Glasgow Insurance, we are Independent Insurance Agents. That means that we are not employees of any insurance company, and are not beholding to them.  We represent many of the top insurance companies in the business, and can tailor your insurance policies that meet you and your family’s insurance needs.  Peck-Glasgow Insurance has sought out the best companies available to represent in the state of Alabama.  Putting together the best package of coverage at the best price to offer you value in your insurance program is our goal with each and every client.


4. Most importantly, Peck-Glasgow Insurance hires the best people in our market areas to work with the clients of our agency.  This does not mean, individuals with the most experience…. it means people that are caring, concerned, competent, and consistent.  Insurance is not rocket science, we can train and educate associates on insurance.  What you can’t train is what is on the inside.  What makes them do the right thing, each and every time.  That is the person that Peck-Glasgow Insurance wants representing our business and working with you!


Oh, and even though we were told that we could not say we have better service….  we do!  So check us out for Alabama Homeowners, personal auto, life and business insurance needs.  You will see there is a difference when you buy insurance for your family or business!

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