Slip and Fall Accidents and Alabama Liability Insurance

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The most common accidents Alabama liability insurance usually covers financially each year involve slips and falls. Policy holders, both private and business, must have adequate financial protection and should take safety measures to help prevent slip and fall accidents from happening.

Personal injury lawsuits may result from such accidents, and liability insurance is necessary to financially protect against them. The lawsuits may involve the owner of the property, a tenant, or whoever has the responsibility for maintaining the property.

The first line of financial protection against such lawsuits is obtaining premises liability insurance, and the second is ensuring that conditions on your property are as safe as they can be and that you have done everything possible to eliminate situations where others might slip and fall. Dangerous situations to prevent or correct include – wet or slippery walkways, spilled liquids, cracked sidewalks, torn carpets, and weak walking surfaces like steps and porches.

Construction sites may be filled with potential hazards, and managers should endeavor to see that all equipment is in good repair and work sites are kept free of debris. Swimming pools present another type of danger. Children should always have adult supervision at a pool, and diving should not be permitted unless one end of the pool is deep enough to safely accommodate a diver. In back yard play areas, all weak tree branches should be trimmed to prevent injuries from falling branches, and playground equipment should be sturdy and in good repair. Observing these safety precautions may help an individual or business reduce Alabama liability insurance claims. Speak to one of our agents if you require more information.


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