Alabama Liability Insurance for Charter Boats

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The lovely beaches and deep blue Gulf of Mexico waters off the coast of Alabama are becoming a popular destination for tourists and sun lovers. There are a number of opportunities for starting charter boat businesses off the Alabama coast, and having the right Alabama liability insurance is one of the first things the fledgling boat business should consider.

Your charter boat business will require a sturdy, dependable boat. Passengers usually expect a toilet on board, places to sit, and refreshments. Charter fishing boats should contain all necessary fishing equipment, and sightseeing boats need plenty of seating. State laws dictate the safety equipment that charter boats must contain – typically life rafts, life vests, and fire extinguishers. Check with your local government to make sure your boat has all required safety gear.

Charter boat businesses must also have the necessary permits required by local and State laws. The captain should have a U.S. Coast Guard captain’s license to carry passengers. Special licensing may be needed for food or alcohol to be served on the boat. Your local government officials may be able to advise you on laws governing the launching of a charter boat business.

Liability insurance is typically required and your local government may have particular insurance requirements. Speak to your insurance agent about options for Alabama liability insurance, to properly insure your charter boat business.  



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