Tips for home wooden deck safety

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The importance of keeping decks
and balconies safe for use cannot be overstated. While as homeowners we may fix
and repair things inside, the outside can sometimes get a little neglected. However,
to avoid injuries or deaths, medical costs, and liability claims on Alabama
, deck safety is vitally important.

The International Code Council
(ICC) states that most wooden decks have a life expectancy of around 10 to 15
years, and that some experts believe the deck to be the most dangerous part of
a house. Tips for improving deck and balcony safety include:

Make sure
you know your balcony’s load capacity, making allowance not only for people but
also furniture or other objects.

and decks can also be adversely affected by wind,
and other forces of nature. Build your deck with a
‘continuous path load’ by using strong stainless steel connectors to bolt or
anchor it to the house.

your deck for cracks, corrosion, rust, wood rot and swaying. Replace connectors
with stainless steel bolts, and rotting wood members or rails with new ones, or
consider replacing your deck altogether

When you
are replacing your deck, get it installed by a licensed professional

Next time you are considering
having a party on your deck, check it out for safety first. Safety is the most
important consideration. Contact us if you require more details on Alabama insurance liability coverage or
other types of policies.



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