Clearing your roof and gutters of debris

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As a
homeowner, to reduce your risk of damage from wildfire and of needing to file Alabama
claims, it’s important
to remove the build-up of debris on your home’s roof and guttering system. An
accumulation of pine-needles, bark, leaves and twigs could also interfere with
your gutter’s drainage system and cause the leakage of water into your home.


debris on the roof, gutters, or downspouts can make your home vulnerable to
ember attack during wildfires. A home with a complex roof – such as one that
has dormers – may be particularly vulnerable due the chance of debris
accumulation at the various intersections of the roof system.


help prevent these problems, get your gutters and downspouts cleaned out at
least once or twice a year. This may be required more often if there are trees
overhanging the roof or gutters.


cleaning your gutters you also help to ensure they last longer, and to avoid
the problem of weed and plant growth, and the pooling of stagnant water which
provides a breeding ground for insects and vermin.


can be cleaned using a blower, water pressure, or a vacuum system. For the best
outcome get it done by a professional contractor who has the right equipment
for the job.


your home is vital for reasons of health, safety and protection. Home insurance
is also important for financial protection in case of loss or damage. Contact
us for more information on Alabama insurance policies.


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