Steps for fortifying your Alabama home

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As a homeowner in Alabama you need to make sure you have adequate home
insurance in place in case of damage
or loss from theft, disasters or wild weather. However you may also be doing
yourself some favors by fortifying your home against the risks that exist in
your region, through improved building methods and retrofits.

While you cannot control the disasters or weather events that occur in
Alabama, you can help reduce your risk of financial loss and damage by taking
steps to fortify your property. Actions in this regard may include:

  • Installing a roof cover that is designed
    to withstand the effects of high-winds, hail, and wildfire.


  • Installing dual-paned, tempered glass
    windows to reduce energy loss and improve fire-resistance.


  • Strengthening the connections between the
    components of your home to create a continuous load-path, and prevent your
    home being torn apart in wild weather.


  • Sealing your roof-deck and gaps in your
    building to help prevent wind-driven water-entry.


  • Using building materials that will
    strengthen your building against the effects of disasters and wild

Fortifying your home for various disasters helps to build some
resistance into it. To this end, the Institute for Business and Home Safety
(IBHS) has developed its FORTIFIED suite of programs for new homes, existing
homes and business properties. In some instances, homeowners may be entitled to
a discount on their insurance coverage when they fortify their properties. More
information on the FORTIFIED programs can be found
here. To find out more
about home and business insurance, contact us.


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