The importance of adequate insurance for your Alabama mobile home

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As a resident of
Alabama, it’s important to have adequate insurance for any dwellings or buildings
you own – whether it involves a business premises, standard ‘built’ house,
apartment or condo, or a mobile or manufactured home. While insurance for a
mobile home may possibly differ slightly from that for a standard house, the
coverage is essentially very similar.


A mobile home
insurance ‘standard’ policy (other than a named-peril policy) will generally


  • Property damage or loss due to several
    perils, including fire, lightning, hail, windstorm, theft, vandalism,
    wildfire, and falling objects. It also includes coverage for attached
    structures such as a garage or patio. As for a standard home it is
    unlikely to include coverage for flood or earthquake – so if you want
    insurance for these you may need to obtain separate policies.


  • Liability coverage in case of harm or
    injury caused to others or their property, as a result of your activities.
    This usually includes medical costs and any legal expenses and damages
    that occur as a result of lawsuits, up to a certain limit.


A mobile home policy
may not provide coverage while the home is being transported from one location
to another. Should this concern you, speak to your insurance agent for more

Coverage under mobile
home insurance may differ from one policy to another, so make sure you
thoroughly read your policy documents to help ensure you get the financial
protection you require. Contact us for more information on insuring dwellings
and buildings in Alabama.


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