Are you leaving home? It’s time to sort out your insurance!

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you leave home, depending on your situation, you may still be covered by some
of your parent’s insurance. However, you should sit down with your folks and
ask them just how that works. You may find it’s only if you’re going away to
college, so if you’re leaving home to travel or get work, you will need to think
about getting your own insurance.

to an insurance agent and ask about what you might need if you’re moving to a
different state. Insurance regulations can be different for some forms of
coverage from state to state and you need to understand the differences and
where you might need locally based policies to conform to the requirements of
where you will be living – this could be the case with auto insurance, for

don’t have to get wound up about this being difficult or complicated. You can
start out with the basics – health coverage, car insurance, and renters’
insurance, if you’re going into rental accommodation. Getting and managing
insurance is one of those less exciting parts of being an adult, but it’s also
very necessary. You might not want to go to your parents about it, so perhaps
call our Alabama agency instead and speak to one of our agents. We can help you
work out a package of coverage that will get you started.


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