When should you buy life insurance?

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Do you have life insurance? Have you even considered buying life insurance? Perhaps it’s one of those things you’ve been aware of but shied away from – after all, none of us want to consider the ramifications of not being here for our loved ones so it’s natural to not want to think about planning for that time.

However, there are things in life that you can’t plan for – while the old saying might tell us that ‘nothing’s certain but death and taxes’, but it doesn’t say anything about when we might die. That being the case, if you have dependents and financial commitments that are part of maintaining a lifestyle and building a future for them, you need to think about how that can be managed if you’re not here to provide your financial contribution.

There’s no right or wrong time to buy life insurance. The thing you have to focus on is that your family will know that there is the means to manage if you die. Come to that, you are likely to feel better about the future if you know that they will be able to keep your house and pursue the education you’ve planned for your kids. Call your Alabama insurance agent so you can discuss different types of policies and have help to purchase the one that will best suit your situation.


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