What is Rental Car Reimbursement Insurance?

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What is Rental Car Reimbursement Insurance?

Art Glasgow, Peck-Glasgow Insurance


We all take for granted the use of our cars.  We drive to and from work, to church, to kids’ activities, to social events, and shopping.  What would happen to you if your auto was disabled due to an accident?  Rental Car Reimbursement coverage can save the day!


If your car is disabled by a peril covered under your collision or comprehensive auto insurance coverage, rental reimbursement pays for the cost of renting a car as a temporary substitute while your repairs are being made. Rental reimbursement coverage is available on most all personal auto policies that have comprehensive and collision coverage.  Some policies have built in coverage amounts and others you have to purchase as an additional coverage.


The optional coverage riders are designed to offset the cost of renting a car for a period of time.  Typically the coverage limits are $20, $30 or $40 per day.  Most limits are for 30 days, although optional limits are available.


The cost of rental car reimbursement coverage is minimal.  The premium is usually no more that no more than $20 per year per vehicle.  While we all want to save money on our insurance premium, this valuable coverage could be a great savings in the event you have an accident.


If you have questions about this or any Alabama auto insurance coverage, please give a Peck-Glasgow Insurance professional agent a call.  We can help you select the right coverage for you at a premium level you can afford. 

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