Selecting the Right Insurance Agent

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Selecting the Right Insurance Agent

Art Glasgow, Peck-Glasgow Insurance


Selecting the right insurance agent can be confusing and should be more than a “shot in the dark”.  Your insurance agent should be someone that you build a long term relationship based on trust that can be a trusted advisor.  Do your research and look around for the best fit for your individual needs.


  1. There are different types of agents.  Direct writer agents represent only one company.  Often times they work for the company and can only offer the products of one company.  In a complex society, no many carriers can meet all the needs of today’s families and business.  Get to know an Independent Insurance Agent.  Independent Insurance Agents typically represent multiple insurance companies.  An independent agent has the opportunity to match price and coverage for your individual needs.  They offer you choices, and if your needs change, they can quote other insurance carriers.  They do not work for any one company.  That is why they are called independent.
  2. Location can be important.  Being able to stop by and do business face to face can help, especially to ask questions about your claim.  Check to see if the agents location is easily accessible to you.
  3. Check out their website.  Websites are full of information.  You can learn about the history of the agency, its staff and customer testimonials.  The agency website can give you a feel for the personality of the agency and identify the values of the business.
  4. Ask for referrals.  Begin with your family, friends and colleagues.  Ask about the service they received.  Were they treated fairly and is the agent friendly and knowledgeable of the insurance laws in your state.
  5. Look for credentials.  Professional designations, continuing education, professional societies, Best Practices designations, etc… are things to look for to determine the professionalism and dedication to their trade.
  6. Interview the agent.  Talk with the agent personally.  Personality is important since you should like the agent you are going to work with, and hopefully develop a long term relationship with.  You should respect their knowledge and get a sense of their integrity.


As you see from these recommendations, you need to use common sense in your approach to looking for the right insurance agent.  Use the same approach you would for searching out any professional service, not unlike looking for an accountant or medical advisor.  To learn more about how a Peck-Glasgow Insurance professional can assist you, give us a call at 877-287-7975

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