The Affordable Care Act (Health Insurance)

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The Affordable Care Act(Health Insurance)

By Art Glasgow,Peck-Glasgow Insurance



The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obama Care willsee a big impact on your health care decisions very soon.  The key is to make sure that you are aware ofthe Act and know how to make informed decisions in how to best protect yourfamily and get the best value for your health insurance expenditures.  It will definitely be worth the time of investmentin learning more.  The Affordable CareAct changes everything you know about health insurance.  It is complicated, so only listen to aprofessional.


October 1,2013 marks  the beginning of  open enrollment period for policies to beeffective January 1, 2014.  This is thetime to enroll and receive guaranteed issue coverage and to find out what yourpremiums will be.  Premium determinationuses your family income to determine the subsidy that you will receive to loweryour health insurance premium if you qualify. Subsidies will be available up to 400% of the Federal povertylevel.  Many people will qualify, so itpays for you to check your options.


In Alabama, the Federal government will set up anexchange to go to for answers and coverage options.  You will work with a Navigator that is agovernment employee or subcontractor. Other options do exist.  You canstill by directly from many of the companies, or you can go to a privateexchange.  A private exchange is operatedby professionals in the private sector that are not employed by the Federal Government.  Private exchanges such as the Peck-GlasgowInsurance Exchange, has been set up to provide you with excellent service andas a source of information.  The exchangewebsite address is  or you can call 888-810-8202.  Call or visit online to see how Obama Carewill change your health care options.

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