Dave Ramsey Referrals

Peck-Glasgow Agency is proud to announce that Joshua Goe is the Home and
Auto Insurance Endorsed Local Provider (ELP) for Dave Ramsey in Huntsville
and surrounding areas!

We would like to give him and his team the opportunity to explain what this
great news means for YOU!

” We take pride in being selected by Dave and his team to serve you and it’s
a great honor. Even though we have clients all over North Alabama and the
state, our service is top notch. Whether you speak to us on the phone, or
meet face to face, the end result will always be the same. You’ll always get
Dave Ramsey advice, with the best service in the state!

I want to assure you:

1. We are here to work for YOU! We are an independent agency
representing multiple “A” rated companies so our duty is to you!

2. We will be happy to meet you wherever and whenever it is convenient.

3. We will teach you how to find the right coverage to protect your
family and assets, and give you the same advice Dave and his team would!

As part of my endorsement, we pledge to quickly respond to all inquiries and
super serve” them anyway that we can.

We look forward to providing you exceptional customer service, and helping
you to get to the next Baby Step!”